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Confession – I Now Tweet!

13 Jun

I had promised myself that I would never sink to tweeting. I have sunk. I reassure myself with the thought that promises are made to be broken. But I really cant get away from my initial feelings about this new social media phenomenon. I thought that tweeting is for the silly and weak – why would an intelligent adult ever consent to doing something that is done by fluffy birds on spindly legs and yellow beaks?

But sometimess, you really dont have a profound essay to write or a whole speech. Sometime there isnt a whole blogpost and there’s just some brilliant one liner that must be shared with the world and therefore you must tweet! I’m obviously making excuses – but even as I signed up for an account and sent out my first ever tweet into the world – i had a strange feeling that I am going to get addicted!


Find me on twitter and see if I become addicted! My screen name is sehartariq

Hoping to speak, I mean Tweet to you soon!

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