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Meet Seham Noon =)

17 Apr

There was a time when we put letters in the mail to get updates. They took weeks and months  to travel across the globe. Families waited years before they were able to see and hold the ones  they loves. People braved the cruel seas and fought disease and death to go from one shore to the other just so that they could see once, the ones  they loved. Many never made it despite trying. 

But thanks to facebook, wordpress and photoshop that need not be the case anymore. You can meet, hold, hug and even have proof of it without ever having done it! Meet Seham Noon. She’s adorable. She has a precious little chin and chubby cheeks. She has perfect toes and little plump wrinkly hands. I have oohed and aahed over their perfection and preciousness. I’ve also forced all my friends to do the same. And as you ooh and aah over her cuteness, let me confess that i’m introducing you to baby bunting without having been properly introduced myself. Dont let the picture fool you! Its the product of the endless harrassment of her parents, her mama’s artistic skills, technology and our everlasting love! (yes cheesy…I know!)

The last time I met Seham, she was in-utero. Her tiny little mama was consuming copious quantities of canned cheese. She was just chugging it I swear. At movie theaters she was throwing people into panic by demanding she be allowed to brace the jostline crowds to buy her third bag of fries and sixth helping of hot dogs. And while I was hoping Seham would pop out in indignance or in fits of laughter at her mother’s behavior she stayed calmly inside. And so we didnt get chance to say hi and shake hands in person.

And when she did decide to make her grand entrance into the world, I was in Vegas. I was clutching my cell phone to my heart waiting to hear it ring or beep with a text message announcing her arrival. While all the others did inconsequential things like playing poker or blackjack, I kept looking furitively at my phone; like a crazy woman! (look Seham, I used a semi colon for you!)

And now that she is finally here, it seems like only yesterday that Nadine and I were driving around in the  Summer rain in Islamabad talking about our children who at that time, seemed as distant a possibility as the low growl and rumble of thunder. Nadine said, she wanted her children to run around happy, barefoot, with locks of curly unbrushed hair flying around in the sunshine! I was mortified. I told her I would allow no such thing. I would brush their hair and tie it up in pigtails and ponytails complete with ribbons and ridiculous baubles. She said she would have my children come to her house and make sure she didnt brush their hair.

And now that one of us has a real baby, I want mama Nads to know that  Sehroo Khala is prepared. I’ve started to buy Seham ribbons and bows for her hair. Even her little own pink hairbrush! And I’m looking forward to moving back to Islamabad to put all those in Seham’s currently non-existent hair.  And I’m looking forward to some real pictures and to some real hugs and kisses. And hopefully a lifetime of fun and friendship with GB (godbaby) and arguing with Nadine about utterly inconsequential matters like hair ribbons. 

Read more about Seham on her very own blog! Its great! Click Here

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