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House 167: The Little House with a Big Heart

3 Dec

Tonight’s the last night I will spend in the house I grew up in.  Tomorrow, my parents and I will move to a bigger house in a better neighborhood. And while this will mark a new beginning, tonight my heart is incredibly sad for having to leave my oldest friend behind. For no matter where I go, this house will always be the one that I think of as home.

My grandparents lived in this house before my parents and I moved here. I first got to know this house as the place where I came to be pampered. And somehow over the years our relationship never changed. As time went by, 167 continued to be my friend who guaranteed shelter from life’s most troublesome storms. Whether it was those sleepless nights before the O-level’s exam results or recovering from my first bout of true heartbreak – 167 was the place where I could always fall asleep after a good cry and wake up feeling better.

Even when its roof leaked and paint peeled, it held it together to welcome all those that sought refuge here or came in search of a meal or a laugh or a pillow to cry on. It was always my little house with a big heart. Somehow within its small rooms, there was always place to house friends and family. And in its tiny kitchen there was always food enough for any who needed it. Continue reading

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