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The “F” Word

13 Mar

Recently, I gave a talk at TEDxKinnaird about why everyone should be a feminist. I’m proud to be one. And it amazes me that women and men across the world are afraid to use the term feminism to define themselves. Feminists are people who recognize that we live in an inherently unequal world that does not favor women in the majority of cases and are are working to correct this imbalance.

Well …. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a feminist. And I think you shouldn’t be afraid to be one either. Words, after all, are powerful.

And so are pictures – so here is a pictoral tribute to all the brave feminists out there who have paved the way and made it easier for women like me and have served as trailblazers and inspirations to countless people across the globe.

Not Afraid to use the F word


Happy Hafta-e-Hijab!

18 Sep

Hafta-e-Hijab: Hijab Musalmaan Aurat Ki Pehchaan Hai

Banners announcing Hijab week have been hung across Islamabad by the Jamaat-e-Islami. The Jamaat-e-Islami’s women’s wing is the force behind this celebration and recognition of Muslim femininity and piety. Here are my thoughts on this Islamic feminist effort:

1. Two thumbs up to the Jamaat for organizing a woman centric political campaign. Women despite being slightly more than 50% of the population in Pakistan remain neglected as a separate and unique electorate by all political parties. While all political parties have women’s wings – none of them have women centric platforms, agendas or nationwide campaigns. the Jamaat’s women’s wing seems to be light years ahead of the per-oxide brigade of most other political parties women’s wings. Note: per-oxide overdose can damage hair and also your brain. Use per-oxide with caution.

2. Two thumbs down for excluding women who happen to be Muslim but don’t wear the hijab. What about those that cover their head with a chaddor or duppatta. And what about those who dont cover their head at all? This political campaign clearly demarcates the chaste from the waste and while clearly defining, reaching out and making its target female electorate feel good about its self – it is also a prosletyzing nudge to those sitting on the hair covering fence.

3. The Jamaat’s existence pre-dates the existence of Pakistan. In 1947 or even 1987, the JI’s women’s wing would not have launched this campaign. This particular campaign is another indicator of the growing Arabization and Wahabi/Salfi trend in society and politics. This Hijab is the pious Pakistani woman’s newest accessory – a result of cross cultural influences from the middle east. A burqa or chaddor is just not going to make the piety or the Muslim femininity cute any more. Burn those burqas I say. They are now a fashion faux pas. The Hijab is the lastest religious riot!

4. If you are feeling left out and would like to participate – you might be bale to do so by Hugging a Hijaabi – just make sure that you are either female or a mehram. Otherwise hell fire and bearded brothers will be let loose on you.

5. Why hasn’t this campaign been sponsored by Sunsilk for covered hair?

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