Aunty and I : Interview with a Mother-in-Law; the trials and tribulations of charting the choppy waters of arranged marriage in Pakistan!! but its not always choppy for the bride to be! A first hand account of the sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sublime and sometimes hysterical process of being interviewed for the position of wife.

Preparing to Meet Mr. (Maybe) Right: Meeting the man who could be your husband sounds like a daunting task. Crushed under the weight of familial expectations and the need to “make a good marriage” isring to meet Mr. (maybe) Right always as harrowing, demeaning and disempowering an experience as people make it out to be or can it have its (fun) moments?

Meeting Mr. (Maybe) Right: At nineteen, your first hope, when meeting a man your family has picked out is that he’s cute. In the list of eligible bachelor qualities, good looking or even pleasant looking doesn’t feature too prominently.  So while you can be sure that he will be smart and successful you can never be sure if he’s presentable. And at nineteen, when you are madly in love with the cute boy who has chocolate brown eyes, plays the guitar and sings in a dreamy voice, you can only hope that the man your parents have picked out is somewhat comparable.


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