Meeting Mr. (Maybe) Right

24 Jul

At nineteen, your first hope, when meeting a man your family has picked out is that he’s cute. In the list of eligible bachelor qualities, good looking or even pleasant looking doesn’t feature too prominently.  So while you can be sure that he will be smart and successful you can never be sure if he’s presentable. And at nineteen, when you are madly in love with the cute boy who has chocolate brown eyes, plays the guitar and sings in a dreamy voice, you can only hope that the man your parents have picked out is somewhat comparable.

As I walk down the stairs, to meet Mr. Maybe Right, I think of the time when a prospective groom had come to the house to meet an elder cousin. I was quite young then, but I remember her being tall and elegant and beautiful. He was short and tubby. He had a bulbous and terribly red nose which I believed before meeting him was not of the human variety and was only possible in cartoons. He also had a carefully preserved comb-over and rather large sideburns like a balding Elvis. And in addition to all those stellar qualities, he also sported a rather shiny and stout moustache. It seemed as if nature was trying to grow as much hair on all his other body parts to compensate for the lack of it on his head. In a cruel joke of nature, this man was profusely hairy all over. Dark coils of hair sprung forth from under his open collar and heavy waves of it swayed along his forearms as he moved them to gesture during conversation.  He was also sweating profusely.

Everything that could have been wrong physically with a man short of disability (that is if you don’t consider excessive hair growth one) was wrong. I remember all us cousins taking turns to peek through the door as this contender for the position of husband. We then promptly ran to the living room to explode into fits of laughter.  For days we argued over the exact angle his arm hair would move at when he went swimming and what would happen to that carefully preserved strip of locks on his shiny top.  We cackled hysterically and everyone in the house under the age of 18, immediately rejected him even as contender for the post of husband for the beautiful, Naveen Appa.

Luckily for her, everyone over the age of 18, also took him out from the running of husband candidates. However, in the lengthy debates and discussions that ensued in the house amongst various adults, over this hairy wonder, not once did the issue of his rather ridiculous looks come up.  His career, his family and the careers of his family and their education was discussed in painstaking detail and eventually it was deemed that his family seemed rather materialistic and was more interested in Naveen Appa’s foreign passport than her. And thus a carefully discerned reason became the basis of rejection and what had been staring everyone in the face, literally, seemed not to exist.

So, with my family, where the qualities of a boy’s family, his education and that of his parents mattered more, it would not be surprising if they had sent me someone akin to a troll.

I’m a little nervous and holding my breath as I walk down the stairs and across the cobblestones of my college courtyard and through the stone archway and heavy iron doors. As I step out from under the heavily fortified archway that is the entrance to my college dorm…..(Continue reading)


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