Horsing Around

21 Oct
I never knew Horse Racing existed as an organized sport in Pakistan. I am obviously ignorant. Horse racing in Pakistan even has a website. And newspapers, produce the results of horse races. Recently Dawn printed a list of horses that participated in a race. JQ sent me this list of names.

The names are reproduced here as they appeared in the paper, without editing. My favorites are in bold.

Unspoken Wishes
Lucky Gem
Queen Annie
Sweet Victory
Lady’s First
The End
Silent Killer
Salome Baby
Hoor Pari
Life Partner
Shah Pari
African Rose
Life of Victory
Silent Partner
Brave Zoia
Sweet Dish
Sonia My Love
Let Me On
Naughty Girl
Bulbul II
Waqar Choice
Zunair Prince
Jungle Da Badshah
Good One
Puma Dynasty
No Compromise
Come on
Hayat Love
Hare Lady
Capri Queen
Blue Flame
Golden Biscuit
Sahib Gee
Lucky One
Amazing Boy
Golden Sparrow
Desert Whisper
Victory Tiger
Dashing Paradise
Cool River
Try My Best
Air Hostess

And if you really want to see the horse racing in Pakistan website, you can see it here:  http://horseracinginpakistan.com/?page_id=7 (the video at the end of this page is especially surreal!)


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