Naseem Hameed: What Pakistan Needs More Of!

5 Jul

Naseem Hameed: South Asia's Fastest Woman

Little Wonder, Mehak Faisal, introduced me to Mobilink’s advertisement dedicated to Naseem Hameed, the fastest woman in South Asia. Naseem made Pakistani’s the world over proud when she became the first Pakistani woman in the history of the SAF games to win gold in the 100m sprint. And while this on its own, is a remarkable and exceptional feat, worthy of praise and adulation; the story of Naseem’s struggle make this success even more remarkable. Mobilink paid tribute to Naseem in this advertisement, which tells the story of her life. Its one of the most inspiring and moving ads to come out of Pakistan.

Born and raised in the poor neighbourhood of Korangi in Karachi, Naseem dreamt of growing up to be a pilot and flying. Little did she know that God was going to put wings on her feet! As Naseem has raced to fame and national glory, her path to athletic excellence has not been easy. Grpwing up in improvished Karachi and running without shoes in the broken streets of Korangi is where Naseem nurtured her talent. 2 things stand out:

1. If this girl had been given proper training since childhood and given the athletic training facilities worthy of international level athletes, what feats she could have accomplished. If Naseem can be so brilliant on the basis of raw talent just imagine what nurturing it would have accomplished. But we are too busy spending on defense and the upkeep of useless politicians to focus on or direct funds towards people who really need/deserve them and towards people who will actually prove to be worthy national investments unlike the present political crew.

2. It took a host of private companies (media and telecom) to highlight Naseem’s achievements. The state followed their lead and chimed in with official recognition and prize money. Pity that along with all of the other important functions of the state that the Pakistani state has also relinquished to the private sector, it has also relinquished the reposnibility of finding, nurturing and honoring local talent. 

When will we learn that one Naseem is better than a million Gillianis, Zardaris and Sharifs? When will stop feeding those that have milked this country dry and nurturing  those that will lead it towards a brigher future?

Beware! Those tears might flow freely and those rusty patriotic heart muscles may also flex unexpectedly!

Apnay hain jo shauq-e-parwaz rakhte hain

Yaqeen dilon mein, aaknhon mein khwaab rakhtay hain

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4 Responses to “Naseem Hameed: What Pakistan Needs More Of!”

  1. Amin Jan Naim July 5, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    Why not also blame General Musharraf because it is directly as a result of his 10 year long ignominious despicable dictatorship that we have come to such a terrible pass. Democracy is a weak sapling that needs tender nurturing.

  2. Ayesha July 6, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    Very well said Sehar! Indeed of giving where its due our govt. prefer to gift Sania Mirza with a crown of gold but sees it feasible to ignore nurturing the talent of this country and its bright future!

  3. ramsha July 12, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    hi baji i want to join pakistan sports and i want to rise my country name plz help me in this regard i am 14 yaers old and i can play in under 15 sports!

  4. Tayyaba Ahmed July 13, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    hello behena 🙂
    mujhey sports ka bohat shok h.jb mene ap ko dekha to mujhe lga k m bhi ker sakti hun bht kuch.u r best in the whole world.mera bohat dil kerta h ap se milne ka k m ap se milun aur pochun k ap ne start kese kia yahn tk ane ke liay.meri age 20 hai. m university mey pharti hun us mey sports day hota h mene bht certificates liay hein 1st ati hun.mujhe races ka hi shok h 200m mey 1st,100m mey 1st 800m mey bhi. so plzzzzz ap ager meri kuch help karein to.

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