Terrorist Group Frees Accomplices After Violent Attack

19 Jun

A group of five terrorists, attacked the district south court in Karachi as four of their accomplices were being brought their for trial. They opened fire and killed one policeman and injured three others. They succeeded in freeing their accomplices. Two of the attackers have been caught by the police. But some events in the lead up to this incident should give the security authorities serious cause for concern and should help Pakistan rethink its trial proceeding for people accused of terrorism.

1. Dawn news reported that prior to the attack, the prisoners who were later freed were communicating on their cell phones. How did these people get access to cell phones? Clearly there are powers within the establishment that were aiding these terrorists and efforts should be made to bring such persons to justice.

2. This daring attack will give our already overactive and creative terrorist groups ideas for furtehr attacks. So far terrorist groups have limited themselves to kidnappings and hostage holding to bargain for the lives and freedom of their colleagues. Surely this will leash a more violent strategy of  rescuing “righteous brethren”.

Therefore, police and judicial forces should rethink the proces of holding trials for dangerous terrorists in open courts where they cannot only escape but pose grave danger to the lives and security of common citizens.

Getting justice in Pakistan is hard enough. The government shouldnt make it any harder or riskier than it already is.


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