4 Jun

In 2005 I graduated from college. It was sad. Saying goodbye to the people I had lived with for the last four years was the hardest thing I had ever done. In the four years, I lived with the same four girls – this was a little unique and not everyone was as lucky – but this also made me afraid because coccooned in our mutually loved craziness for the last four years – I was afraid I would not know how to exist without them in the world. This was the last picture taken of us on the grounds of Yale New Haven as a foursome.

Undergraduate Graduation with my Suitemates and sweethearts of the last four years

                                                                                                                            From Left to Right: Victoria Smith, Catherine Wassenaar, Vanessa Everding and Me!

ve years later, I have now graduated from a Master’s program and have once again found three other fantastic friends that I lived with. As of two days ago we have officialy graduated and have had pretty pictures much like the one above taken a thousand times.

Grad School Graduation with the Grad School Girls but missing our fourth musketeer, Payal Hathi

But as I graduate from graduate school I’m not as afraid because as I graduate, I go back to New Haven first to celebrate five years of being done with undergrad! And celebrating with me are my suitees  (my old suitemates) and sweet hearts and its like nothing has changed.

We will sleep together in a Yale dorm just like we did for the past four years. We are taking with us the music we danced to from 2001 to 2005 and we’re watching our favorite movie, Sex and the Citry 2  – kind of a tribute to us and our lasting friendship and of the countless days and weeks spent watching it together during and post college and we’ll do this while we wear our matching sex and the city shirts. Our cheesiness persists. We will be gorging ourselves on moosetracks milksakes from yorkside and chowfun from Ivy noodle. There will be a visit to pepe’s and consumption of their excellent pizza and one night there will be the famous suite lock in!

The lock-in was a famous tradition in which we the suitemates for one night locked ourselves with our favorite foods and drinks and contact with the outside world was prohibited – no emails and no cell phones were allowed. It was just us and our craziness in all its glory! This year the lock-in will be goverened by the following agenda

1. Invocation – recolleciton of memorable suite antics

2. Preparation of secret suite brews

3. Discussion of Highs and Lows of the Past Five Years

4. An update on Work/School – the boss you hated, the classes you despised

5. Update on Family – what did they do to make you cry, laugh or plain mad

6. Update on Boys/Men/Dogs

7. Misc – like Voctoria’s heat rash, Sehar’s newly dyed hair, anything and everything that needs to be shared

8. Future Goals/Wishes and Desires/Hopes and Dreams/Deepest fears and Regrets

9. Sacred Suite Dance Ritual

10. Hugs, kisses, cracking up and cackling

So despite the five year hiatus in a suite reunion – I know that when the reuniting happens, it will be like we were never apart – cheesy but true and also heartening because I know that in another five years, I will still find it as easy to fall back into the quirkiness of the times at 3S Magie and my grad school crew.

Good friends really do come with a life time guarantee or atleast a five year one for sure. Will report at years ten to see if the guarantee is still good – Although, I do have a feeling that it will be!!


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  1. ghalimurtaza June 4, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    Hi sehar
    hope so you are returning to Pakistan soon

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