Fighting Back Against the Barbarians…Is this how it shall be done?

6 May

CB: I like it….rage and hate, hit your mate…nice! 

ST: I know!! What a good rhyming!!
CB: Maybe we should start a stick wielding society and go aorund town hitting men who misbehave
CB: I’m not joking, I f***ing hate misogyny more than anything
ST: umm…… have you seen our size                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CB: Yes.  But there is strength in numbers
ST: Numbers?
CB: We’ll have a group of 20 women always. We’ll accost men at traffic lights
ST: HAHAHAH! YES YES! Tell me more…….
CB: We’ll start beating them with a stick or pelting rotten tomatoes at them
ST: Great! I’m moving to Karachi! Dont start without me! Find me a job
CB: We can also tattoo LULLOO on their foreheads. Are you serious about moving to karachi? You really shoud. More men here anyway! You can live with me. I have so much space now!
ST: I know!! Thats what I’ve been thinking!
CB: Becaue i have space or because of the men?
ST: hahahahaha
CB: Men. Never mind why did I even ask??!!??
ST: oho…not just that but also to embark on our noble cause: the anti misogyny group: The Vaishi Women Society!! Or should it be chicks with sticks? Is that too cliched now??  

Maybe it isnt……   

Pakistan: Chicks with Sticks since 1948!


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